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We Ship on Wednesdays

Starting 5/16/20, we will only ship orders on Wednesdays. Please place your orders by 6 p.m. Mountain Time on Tuesdays for Wednesday shipping. Thanks!

We've done some thinking. And we decided we're only going to ship orders on Wednesdays. Huh? Just one day a week, you say? Weird, right? Here's why:

Economies of scale. It's easier to pack 21 orders at once than it is to pack 3 orders every day for 7 days. If we're only running to the post office once a week, it gives us more time to do other things. Here's what we want to do with that extra time:

Make cool schtuff. I have a notebook full of knife industry ideas that would be interesting and fun to create. Each new product takes TONS of time to research, develop, source, and turn into a physical good for sale. It's an incredibly fun and rewarding process, but the special sauce is time and attention. So, how do we get more time to create high quality, interesting goods? We ship on Wednesdays. By shipping one day a week, those economies of scale work in our favor. In short, the more time we spend packing and shipping at this phase in our business, the fewer cool products we can create. 

If that's a problem because your dad's birthday is in three days and today is Thursday, try this: shop at one of our premium knife retailers that ship all day, every day. And they sell our stuff cheaper than we do! We sell everything on at full MSRP-- usually 25% more than at our retailers. That's not a jerky price gouging move; it's simply a way to drive more traffic to the retailers. So, we're going to encourage you to shop with them if you want it fast. And we're going to encourage you to shop with us if you want the personal touch that comes from a order. It will ship on Wednesday, but it will have gone from our garage to the family room, then personally dropped off at the post office, and maybe, just maybe, that's worth waiting until Wednesday.

Thanks for your understanding. And thanks for your support!



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