Lander 3 Pocket Knife - Black G10 - Clutch Lock

By Knafs


Annnnnnd we have another liftoff! The Lander 3 is the newest member of the Knafs fam. The TL;DR version: it's same 2.75" blade length as the Lander 1 with two major upgrades:

  • S35VN Steel - that delicious, corrosion resistant workhorse steel
  • Clutch Lock - the Kizer version of a crossbar with adjustable spring tension

The Lander 3 builds on the open source nature of the Lander 1 and 2, but it brings this beautiful combo of size, materials, and mechanisms-- all the things I love. I see this knife as our Apollo 14-- a Moon mission that was a fascinating case study in perseverance. It came a year after Apollo 13 became a near-disaster. The commander of 14 was Alan Shepherd-- a guy who hadn't been able to launch because of his health. But they did it! Those bosses landed on the Moon, and Shepherd hit golf balls off the lunar surface. When he stepped off the Lunar Lander, he said, "It's been a long way, but we're here." Overcome challenge. Crush it. The Lander 3 is launching after loads of challenges with Knafs: moving the business out of our garage, hiring, building, growing pains, and a whole lotta' grit.  Long way. But we're here.


Blade Length: 2.75" (69.9 mm)
Overall Length: 6.375" (161.9 mm)
Closed Length: 3.625" (92.1 mm)
Blade Thickness: .1" (2.5 mm)
Handle Thickness: .45" (11.4 mm)
Weight: 2.7 oz (76.5 g)
Blade Steel: S35VN
Blade Shape: Drop point
Blade Grind: Flat
Grind Angle: 18° - 20°
Lock Type: Clutch Lock - Kizer's adaption of a Crossbar lock
Liners: Steel, titanium vacuum coated
Handle Material: G10
Pocket Clip: Reversible, deep carry, tip up
Opening Mechanism: Thumb stud
Thumb Stud Material: Steel
Caged ceramic ball bearings
Country of Origin:
Yangjiang, China
Designer: Ben Petersen