Knafs x Glow Rhino Tritium Thumbstud - Banter Series



PLEASE NOTE: Tritium is a glow in the dark product. That means it does not glow in the daylight. However, to show the glow and exhibit tritium's awesomeness, the product pictures show the product glowing in the daylight. Taking pictures in the pitch dark is not that exciting. Also, the Tritium is only on one side of the thumb stud, if it were on both it wouldn't be as affordable. Now on to the product description...


Tritium. Mmmm... that glowing, glorious radioactive isotype of hydrogen. These tritium thumb studs are an aftermarket upgrade for the Baby Banter, Banter, and future Banters series of knives from WE/Civivi. They fit perfectly, and they level-up your EDC game. Plus, finding your knife in dark tents, dark living rooms, and interstellar black holes just got much easier, amigos. 

Public Service Announcement: the Banter comes in several steels. These studs fit S35VN steels perfectly. However, they don't thread as far on the thicker 20CV steel. We haven't seen one fall off in our testing, but we still recommend using blue threadlocker and keeping on eye on it if you're using 20CV steel. 

Want to learn more about Tritium? Glow Rhino has an excellent What is Tritium page. The short story is it's a natural trace isotype of hydrogen that is most commonly a by-product of nuclear fission. The radiation is "soft," meaning it can't permeate your skin. It's absolutely safe. But don't eat it, as that can be a radiation hazard. Also: if you're eating knife thumb studs with tritium, call us. We're curious on the one hand and concerned on the other. The thumb stud includes an Allen key for assembly. Don't eat that either.


First, a warning: installing these thumb studs is considered disassembly under WE/Civivi's warranty-- you will void your warranty.  It's an aftermarket part with all the sweet, sweet risks of potentially ruining your knife, cutting yourself on install, or scratching your knife/countertop/pride. WE, Civivi, Knafs, and Glow Rhino assume no responsibility should the install cause bodily harm or ruin your knife. Just like asking that beautiful girl/guy out in high school: the risk and potential reward is all yours.


1. Gather your tools:

  • 2 sets: pliers, channel locks or other gripping tools. 
  • Electrician's tape, duct tape, or gaffer tape.
  • Heat gun or blow drier

2. Safety first!

  • Tape the blade edge to avoid potential cuts
  • Tape the jaws of the pliers to minimize scratches

3. Heat up the thumb studs

  • The Banter series has titanium thumb studs that are threaded into each other via a hole in the blade. They're secured with the Devil's Red Loctite, so the heat from the blow dryer or heat gun helps loosen the bond. 

4. Fight!

  • Grip both thumb studs with your pliers and turn counterclockwise-- lefty loosey. If the studs are stubborn, heat them up again and repeat. Cursing quietly sometimes helps. Whimpering in the corner in the fetal position usually doesn't help. These studs typically don't come apart easily. You're fighting to release the heavy duty thread locker. Be patient. More heat. Keep going.

5. Reattach

  • Screw on the new tritium thumb studs with the included Allen key. We recommend a drop of blue thread locker on the male stud to keep it from unscrewing. Use red thread locker if you're never going back-- it's like a neck tattoo. Serious commitment. 

Ben's Side Note: I wasn't a big believer in tritium. I mean, who really needs a glowing thumb stud on a knife? And then I slapped a set on, and I love them. Here's why: I'm an early riser, and I try to leave the lights off in the house to avoid waking up the whole family. This means I'm often fumbling in the dark for keys, shoes, and EDC items as I leave to go to the gym or hiking. I LOVE being able to find my knife in the dark. The tritium glow makes my 5 a.m. fumbling just a little less noisy, and darn it, the glow is just plain cool.