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WE + Civivi - Knife Pouch - Free w/Banter Orders

WE + Civivi - Knife Pouch - Free w/Banter Orders

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Buy a Banter. Get a freeeeee knife pouch. 1 per customer. OK. Real talk. There are some pretty awful free pouches out there. This isn't one of them. It's got a polyester outer with a soft inner to keep your knives warm. The knives are protected from clanging together by a top velcro flap to keep 'em separated (insert that twangy Offspring riff here). 

Also: we don't actually sell these pouches, but our system requires us to put in a price to be able to make them free. $321 seemed right. Don't buy this pouch. We'll refund your money. It's a free promo, and it's not worth $321. Maybe $32.10, but not over 3 Benjamins, eh?

Enjoy! Shop Banter Knives.