hand holding two knives we banter and knafs lander with green micarta

Just get both! But let's say you just want/need one for now, how would you choose? Well, between the Lander and the Banter (regular size) there are some differences in size, materials, customizability, and more. There is no wrong answer between the two, but one option might be more right than the other for you.

Let's show the specs!

Blade Length:  2.75" (70 mm) 2.9" (73.7 mm)
Overall Length: 6.4" (162 mm) 6.5" (166 mm)
Closed Length: 3.6" (92 mm) 3.6" (92 mm)
Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g) 2.86 oz (81g)
Blade Steel: Sandvik 14c28n (HRC: 57-60) S35VN (59 - 61 HRC)
Blade Shape: Drop point Drop point
Blade Grind: Flat Flat
Lock Type: Liner Lock Liner Lock
Pocket Clip: Deep carry, recessed, reversible, tip up Deep carry, Tip up, sometimes reversible
Thumbstud: Ambidextrous steel with T6 head Titanium


The Banter

Hand holding 4 WE banter knives of different handle color options


The first design released by Ben, made by WE Knives, which is a high end manufacturer that works with some of the most reputable pocket knife designers in the industry. You know you are getting quality materials, at a great price. There are multiple versions of the Banter, including the Original Banter, the Baby Banter, and the Big Banter.

The We Banter is a very reliable knife, and it has become a favorite for many knife enthusiasts. This pocket knife has even been mentioned in Peter McKinnon's gift guide before, and if that isn't a cool incentive for you to get one, we don't know what is...

The first two versions of this powerful pocket knife were both made with G10 handles, which is a great material if you actually want to use it in hard working scenarios. From there, we have released micarta, wood, and even carbon fiber to fit every person's taste. Click here to read more about handle materials. 

The blades in these two models are like siblings... but on of them is fat (the Banter). Both have a flat grind which is great for slicing through things, and both have a drop point shape which is arguably the most utilized blade shape out there. You have to remember that these babies have been designed by a long lasting knife nerd, so there is no way the blades were going to be bad. 

We are about to lay down some serious steel smackdown! The Banter is the undisputed champ when it comes to steel. S35VN is like the Chuck Norris of the knife world, it can hold an edge longer than a dad joke can make you cringe. When you need a knife that can handle some serious slicing and dicing, S35VN is the way to go. Many pocket knives that are meant to be used in tough situations are made with S35VN. As we said before... quality stuff. 

FROM THE PARK! Check out what Frankie and Bird have to say :) 

The Lander

hand holding 4 knafs lander knives with different handle materials
If you look at the specs, you will notice that the Lander is very close in size to the Banter, but it does however feel more compact in hand. It has a thinner handle, so it does fit better in small to medium hand sizes, and it does carry incredibly well. So much so you might even forget it is there. You can find this knife in both D2 and 14C28N steels which even though it is a step down from S35VN, both steel work extremally well in everyday tasks. But the coolest thing about the Lander is the customizability. This pocket knife has an incredibly wide range of customizable options. Ya know what I am talking about? The scales are swappable! Just check out how easy it is here.                                                                                                                                                                            
Unlike the Banter, and just any other knife in the pocket knife industry, the Lander's warranty isn't voided if you take it apart to make it yours. You can mix and match the scales to your liking, and also switch out the thumb studs. All Lander models are left or right hand carry, and because Ben knows what's good, both models carry tip up only.                                                                                                                                                                                               
Even though these two pocket knives are similar in size, once you have handled the Knafs Lander for a while and go back to the WE Banter, the Banter will feel like a big working knife. It is a strange sensation, as the Lander does feel minuscular, but not uncomfortably small. It is a "just right" size for most people to carry and use.                                                                                                                                                                      
Zac takes the lander to Space! 👇



Of course, it is always a matter of what you prefer. However, If you need a user for working hard, the Banter offers a tougher steel that will hold an edge for longer. But let's say you want your knife to fit multiple scenarios, from opening mail to a fancy dinner, the Lander will suit you better. The amount of customizability that can be done is so superior that you can make this knife be your trusty friend anytime, and anywhere. 

Here is what you really need to know. Our knives are like a unfailing sidekick, always reliable and ready for action. We don't mess around when it comes to building quality. I'm talking about steel that's tougher than your mother-in-law's pot roast, and a mechanism that's smoother than a baby's bottom. Either the Lander or the Banter will be a right choice.  

March 13, 2023 — Eddy Martinez


Ben_Banters said:

Christoph! This is an excellent summary. Thanks for all the support, my friend!

Christoph said:

The article sums it up nicely, but there is also a subjective side to the Ben Petersen‘s knives:

Banter: Bauhaus, straight to business, but with an attention to detail, reliable.
Lander: More playful, friendly design language, an elegant and fun tool to use.
Mini Banter: Everything you need in a miniature, safe, non-threatening precision tool, nice colors, you want to catch them all.
Big Banter: Practical, hard worker, get‘s the job done.

I love them all!

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