Knafs FAQs - About Us

Knafs is a colloquial, tongue-in-cheek way to say “knives.” It's also a goofy brand of knife-related products and ideas. Origin: when mispronounced, “knives” becomes “knifes.” With a Southern accent, “knifes” becomes “knafs.” Why Knafs? Shucks, son. The web domain was only $12.99 and we're cheap suckers!

You can find the rest of our story on the About page.

Questions? Comments? Jokes? Email us at!

Here's how it works: you're reading this post on a website and brand where we make knife stuff and sell it. Anything that we design, make, and distribute on our own is Knafs branded. Now, on to the confusing part: our co-founder is Ben Petersen. He designs all sorts of stuff. That's where WIUG (What Iiiiiiissss Up Guys) comes in. That little WIUG you see on knives is Ben's maker's mark and personal brand, and you'll find it on Knafs products, WE/Civivi knives, and a knife from MKM. Clear as mud? Perfect. ;) For other questions, feel free to send them to or message us on Instagram @knafs_co.

Well, we do! If you have any good ones email us at

-Why did the spoon agree with the knife? ... Because the Knife actually had a point!
-Who's got two thumbs and a knife injury? ... Not this guy. It's more like 1.8 thumbs now.
-What’s the difference between someone going to prison and a guy who has a mobile knife sharpening business? ... One gets incarcerated, the other is in-car-serrated.

Those are just a few of our favorites, but we love all jokes. Send 'em over!

Promotions and discounts offered by Knafs are only applicable to purchases made during the specified promotional period.

  • Eligibility: To qualify for any promotional discount, your purchase must be completed within the dates and times specified for the promotion.
  • Exclusions: Purchases made prior to the start or after the end of the promotional period are not eligible for retroactive discounts or price adjustments.
  • Returns and Exchanges: If you wish to take advantage of a promotion for an item you have already purchased, you may purchase the item again at the promotional price and return the original item for a full refund, minus any shipping costs.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions regarding our promotional policies, please contact our customer service team for assistance.


Knafs Order - FAQs

FREE SHIPPING!!! -  Knafs is proud to offer free shipping for domestic orders over $78!

What is Knafs Shipping Policy?

Orders are processed withing 2-3 business days and our standard method of shipping is USPS which has an average delivery time of 4-10 business days.

Click >SHIPPING POLICY to find more information

Do you ship InternationalYes we do! Except for the knives- we're still working out the logistics and legal on shipping sharp and pointy objects out of the country.

If you are international, another option is to buy from one of our awesome Knafs dealers that are all over the world. You can find them on our Dealers page. Check it out to see if they have the knife or other product that you're looking for!

Our international shipments typically take between 6 to 20 business days to arrive, depending on the destination country and the specific shipping service selected.

Please note that customs processing and local postal services may affect delivery times. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number to monitor its progress.

If there are no tracking updates, we kindly ask that you allow at least 14 business days from the last update before contacting us. This waiting period helps to account for any delays that may occur during transit or customs processing.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Should you have any concerns after this period, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for further assistance.

Yes we do!

Please email a picture of your Military or First Responder ID to, and we will send you a code you can use on your purchase. For Military, please provide proof of service

Did you already make a purchase? That's okay! Just send in your order number along with a picture of your Military or First Responder ID and we will add the discount.

Oh, and thank you for your service!.

Yes we have a Warranty - Click >WARRANTY to see what it's all about.

Your order cannot be modified, but if it has NOT been shipped you can cancel it and re-order.

To cancel your order, go to the confirmation email, and click View your order, this will open a new page. From here find Order Actions. If the Cancel Order button is there, click it and follow the prompts. Once your order is canceled it will be refunded. You should see a refund within 4-10 business days. If you don't see it after 10 days, please contact your bank to see if the deposit is on its way. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund, please contact us


You sure can, but some of our emails are funny...

Just click into any of our emails and scroll down to the bottom and click Unsubscribe. You can re-subscribe at any time.

Nooooooo! Sorry you've received a damaged item. Please email with your order number and we will get you taken care of.

We’re stoked you bought from our small business, but we also realize that you're looking for the returns page so let's see if we can work this out together.

Please click on > RETURN POLICY and carefully read through to see what it's all about.

Knafs does not do Exchanges - you can return your item receive a refund and then you can repurchase what you want


Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Most orders are sent via USPS, but they will be marked with the carrier, and you can check your order status. Please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available.

Shipping typically takes 4-10 business days. If you placed your order over 10 business days ago and still waiting to receive your item please reach out to for assistance


The additional charge that you are seeing may be a pre-authorization charge, which is a temporary hold. The pre-authorization should be removed from your account within 7-10 business days.

If the charge remains after that time, you may want to contact your financial institution. If they are unable to assist you and the charge is still present, please feel free to contact for further help.

This is an interesting question that can be broken up into three categories 

Coming Soon - Some of our products marked as out of stock actually have not been released yet. This will be in the product description.
Discontinued - Some of our products are discontinued, this will also be marked in the product description. These are on our site still for research and comparison, and we love our history why would we want to delete it?
Out Of Stock - Some of our products run out, probably because those items are so popular ;) We have ordered more but they could take a week, a month, or maybe longer to get here.

If you are interested in any of the out-of-stock items, discontinued or not, click the "Notify Me When Available" button. This will do two things. First, it will let us know what our customers want. Second, once the item is here and we update the inventory you will receive an email letting you know they are available.

We have Shop Pay, Pay Pal, Google Pay, Meta Pay, and Affirm.

Affirm - Big purchase? No problem. With Affirm, you can buy now and pay monthly. Checking your loan eligibility won’t affect your credit score. For more information check out the Affirm Help Center.

Shop Pay - For more info click  Shop Pay
Once you sign up for Shop Pay it will automatically default to Shop pay
If you would like to pay another way, follow these steps

- Add Item to cart and click Check Out
- Click the Drop Down Arrow next to Payment Method
- Click  Alternative Payment Methods
- A pop-up will ask you to verify a code, DONT, instead press the X button
- Now you can choose your payment method


Knafs Product - FAQs

The Moon belongs to everyone, and the Lander Scales are yours to enjoy. To the Moon, amigos.

You can get the Zip file by adding this product to your cart. Don't worry it's 10000% FREE! After you complete your free order, you will receive a download link via email! Oh baby! You might be wondering why you have do all these extra steps to get the files. We are doing this so that we can send out file updates and notes to keep you updated on file notes.

For more information check out the CAD Files for the Lander 1, Lander 2, and Lulu by going to 3D Prints page.

If we have them in stock, you can buy them on our site. For a full list of WE Banter dealers internationally, you can check out this list on Ben's website. We try to keep it as up to date as possible.

The Micarta and Cuibourtia Banters are not compatible with other G10 or Carbon Fiber scales... Why you might ask, well...

The Micarta Banter is different from the G10 model because it has a steel liner supporting the front scale. This is critical because micarta can't be structural like G10 can. That steel means this knife doesn't have the flexing issues of the original (unreleased) Micarta Banter. It's good to go. Ready to rock.

The natural nature of the Cuibourtia Banter and Baby Banter - scales also means they will swell or shrink with the weather-- kind of like your grandpa's bad knee. WE worked around this by putting steel liners in both sides of the handle; the flexing won't impact the performance of the knife.

Knafs might have a few Unlocked Composites - Baby Banter scales - Carbon Fiber left on our site, however, we will not have any aftermarket scales available for the Civivi Baby Banter, WE Banter, or WE Big Banter going forward.

If you want swappable scales check out our Knafs Lander's - there's lots of cool schtuff on there.

Laser engraving was launched in August 2023. We are working out all the details, but for now we can only do letters and numbers. No emoji's or pictures. 

You can choose select Knafs Knives for engraving 
- Click Drop Down that says ">BLADE ENGRAVING - $8"
- Type in the text (Limited Number of characters)
- Knafs is not responsible for any mistakes or misspellings made by customers. 
- Double check picture that will show text 
- Place order!

Please don't send anything inappropriate. We will not engrave it. Your order will be canceled and refunded. While we accept most engraving requests, we cannot honor all. Some may contain trademarks or other terms that we do not have the right to use.

Cancellations are not possible once the engraving process has begun.

PLEASE NOTE: We will engrave WE and Civivi Knives, however, this may void the warranty. 

Here at Knafs in Clearfield, Utah we are stoked to be offering in-person knife sharpening services! Come drop off your kitchen and pocket knives for fast and professional sharpening services. We don't quite have a system to ship in knives, but we are working on it.

Flat blades $2.00/inch - $5.00 minimum
Serrated blades $2.50/inch - $7.00 minimum

More info by going to our Knife Sharpening Page

Knafs offers 3D printable silhouettes of our knives, Knife display stand, Niños Knife Kit, Launchpad Desk Organizer.

Check out what is available by going to our 3D Print page

We've had a few people ask what the coating is on the Black Lander. It's a black titanium vacuum coating. Sound like Greek? Yeah, me too. Let's learn together from this site:

Vacuum coating, also known as thin-film deposition, is a vacuum chamber process whereby a very thin and steady layer of coating is applied to the surface of a substrate, protecting it from forces that might wear it down or decrease its efficiency. Vacuum Coatings are thin, ranging from 0.25 to 10 microns (0.01 to 0.4 thousandths of an inch) thick. What Is Vacuum Coating

I've still got more to learn here because I'm imagining a guy in a hazmat suit blowing titanium dust out of a hose like a spray gun. More digging shows I'm not that far off, and instead of a guy, it's a machine that looks like it came from a movie. Check out this cool stuff! Granted, this isn't our manufacturer QSP doing it, but it gives you an idea of what vacuum coating looks like: Vacuum Coating Process



Knafs Extra FAQs (coming soon)