Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Except for the knives- we're still working out the logistics and legal on shipping sharp and pointy objects out of the country. 

If you are international, another option is to buy from one of our awesome Knafs dealers that are all over the world. You can find them on our Dealers page. Check it out to see if they have the knife or other product that you're looking for.


Where can I buy Ben's knife design, the WE Banter?

If we have them in stock, you can buy them on our site. For a full list of WE Banter dealers internationally, you can check out this list on Ben's website. We try to keep it as up to date as possible.


When will my favorite Banter color be back in stock on your site?

We don't know.

Because all you wonderful people have been buying Banters all over the world, there are a lot of colors and models that are on backorder and difficult to get right now. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with what we are getting restocked (you can also follow Ben for good measure). That is likely where the news will hit first.


When will the Green Micarta WE Banter release on your site?

Soon! WE Knives just announced the release of the new and improved Micarta Banter and it should be live in our shop September of 2022. 


Do you have more Space Kitty WE Banter scales for sale?

All the variations of space kitty scales are limited edition- meaning when they're gone, they're gone. 

If you're really wanting a particular set, we recommend checking out the secondary market- Ebay, Instagram, etc. If you're looking to get a set of Mars Kitty 2.0 scales, be sure to read below about how to tell between the good ones and the faulty ones that chip.

What about the Mars Kitty (V2.0) WE Banter scales that were recalled?

The second version of the space kitty WE Banter scales, the Mars Kitty ones, were a limited release and will not be available for the foreseeable future. Due to chipping on the scales we recalled the original set and sent out new scales. Be careful and watch out for the recalled, prone to chip scales on the secondary market. You can tell V1 and V2 apart- V2 (the good ones) have the word "Laika" on the rocket. 

Knafs, WE, Ben Banters, WIUG- I'm confused...

Here's how it works: you're reading this post on Knafs.com-- a website and brand where we make fun knife stuff and sell it. Anything that we design, make, and distribute on our own is Knafs branded. However, Ben is working on designing a few things that others make and distribute. That's where WIUG (What Iiiiiiissss Up Guys) comes in. It's his maker's mark and personal brand. So, in the case of this new knife, WE is the manufacturer and brand, Banter is the model, and it is a Ben Petersen design, so it's got a WIUG logo on it. Clear as mud? ;)


For other questions, feel free to send them to info@knafs.com or message us on Instagram @knafs_co.


Does Knafs have a Veterans/First responder discount?

Yes we do!

Please email a picture of your Military or First Responder ID to info@knafs.com, and we will send you a code you can use on your purchase. Did you already make a purchase? That's okay! Just send in your order number along with a picture of your Military or First Responder ID and we will add the discount. Oh, and thank you for your service!