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Careers at Knafs

Knafs is a goofy little company that makes interesting pocket knife schtuff. We're family owned and operated, and we’re launching this wild rocket to glory. We’re a small operation, and everyone does a little bit of everything. There's a healthy dose of "let's figure this thing out together" in our business that requires problem solving and cerebral engagement. We sell our products on, Amazon, and to 25 dealers across the world. Here are the current job openings at Knafs, located in Layton, Utah:

Operations Specialist - Opened October, 2022. Closes when we find someone.

The Operations Specialist at Knafs is our boots-on-the-ground, get ‘er done person. We have hundreds of tasks that need doing, and this person is our executor to make it happen. This could be anything from shipping a thousand orders to counting a thousand new products. Apply >

Operations Manager - Opened October 26, 2022. Closes when we find someone.

We need someone who dreams in weights, dims, and workflows. Their nightmares are full of incorrect inventory counts. This person must obsess over shipping rates and know the UPS driver’s name, birthday, and favorite candy bar. Tidy warehouse racking must give goosebumps. Lean processes make you smile, and fast fulfillment times invoke warm fuzzies.  Apply >