Knafs guide

everything you need to know about knives

Learn about pocket knife blade shapes, handle materials, lock types, blade grinds, and even the basics of proper knife maintenance, all in one place.

our mission

a knife for every pocket

We believe that high-quality, everyday carry knives and gear should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. That's why we've focused on creating sturdy, no-nonsense, high-performance EDC products for a great price. Whether you prefer a knife with a stealthy, blacked-out aesthetic or a vibrant space kitty on the side of your scales, we've got you covered, amigo!

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open source

Because we want our community to have the right to customize their pocket knafs to their heart's content, we made our Lander scale CAD files available to anyone for free! Just download the file, upload it to your 3D printer or CNC machine, and fire away.

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the famous knife poster

Our first-ever product! This knife poster is a comprehensive guide to knives that includes timelines, anatomy, and a healthy dose of weird humor. Hang it in your living room for maximum effect.