Loaded Tool Burrito - 13-in-1 Knife Maintenance Tool Kit

By Knafs

The Loaded Burrito is back and packed with even more schtuff to maintain and tinker with your knives and tools. The Loaded Burrito v2 comes with most everything that the v1.5 did, but we didn't stop there this time! Now you also get a mini field knife sharpener, polishing cloth, pry tool, and some hybrid sharpening/writing utensils. Eat up, amigos!

The Loaded Tool Burrito v2 contains the following:

Safety Notes:

Injection under skin may cause serious damage. Excessive exposure may result in eye, skin, or respiratory irritation. May be harmful or fatal if swallowed and enters airway. As the old "Will it Blend" guy used to say, "Don't breath this."