Loaded Tool Burrito - 12-in-1 Knife Maintenance Tool Kit

By Knafs

v1.5 Loaded Tool Burrito

UPDATED - Stuffed with all the right ingredients, the Loaded Tool Burrito v1.5 now comes with the Knafs Bit Driver, Knafs Aluminum Ruler/Angle Finder, and Vibra-tite thread locker. Eat up, amigos!

The guac is extra, but it's always worth it. The Loaded Tool Burrito is the best everyday carry maintenance starter pack for all knife users and collectors. This sucker comes stuffed to the brim with everything you need to start maintainingsharpening, cleaning, and oiling your pocket knives. It's small enough to fit into most backpacks, gloveboxes, and duffle bags. Which means you can disassemble, clean, tune, and hone your knives as much as you please; whether you're on the go or hangin' out on the couch. The built in magnetic corners keep those screws from vanishing into thin air, and the integrated waxed canvas take-down mat gives you a portable self-contained workspace. The Loaded Tool Burrito is a great gift for any knife guy, and you'll save 16% when you buy these tools as a bundle. That's $89.99 vs. $105.89 when you buy them one at a time.

The Loaded Tool Burrito Contains the following:

Yum. Yum. Loaded Burrito.