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  • Knife Design: Clones, Copies, and Zac in the Wild

    Look. Here at Knafs we don't get in fights on the internet. No one wins. But also: the internet is a beautiful place to start conversations. It's t...
  • The Story - Vero Engineering Pocket Knife Poster

    So there we were. Joseph was creating knives. Sam was creating photos. And I was creating posters. And then lightning struck. Here's where it start...
  • The Story of the Strop Wallet

    The Strop Wallet was invented in 2014, and it almost disappeared forever. Here's the story of how we brought this thing back to market after a 5 year hiatus.
  • I Designed a Pocket Knife!

    Announcing the Banter-- a Ben Petersen design for WE Knives. It's small, simple, and has all the elements I love in a pocket knife. The quality is wicked good and the fit and finish is dreamy.