At Knafs in Clearfield, Utah, we're thrilled to provide in-person knife sharpening services! Bring in your kitchen and pocket knives for prompt and expert sharpening. We take pride in restoring the cutting edge, ensuring your tools are as good as new. We now offer scissor sharpening! No beauty shears.

Knafs knife sharpening station - sharpening a pocket knife


Knafs is proudly located at 570 East 1700 South STE #206, Clearfield, UT 84015. We are currently only able to offer sharpening services in person at our storefront. Please visit us during our business hours to drop off your knives for sharpening!


 Flat blades $2.00/inch
 Serrated blades $2.50/inch
 Large chip repairs $5
 Broken tip repair $5
 Axes $20
 Hatchets $15
 Fabric/Industrial shears $12


Knafs sharpening guru Keith standing next to his Beaumont belt sharpening system.  Clearfield Utah

Why Should Knafs Sharpen Your Knafs?

Because we have the right people! This is Keith - our sharpening wizard. Not only is he rugged and handsome, but he came to us with a background in welding and other mechanical services. Keith is standing by our belt sharpener where he will drop the finest of edges onto your blades.

Abandoned Knives

Knafs will hold a sharpened product for up to six months and will reach out to you regularly during this period. If we do not receive any communication from you within this timeframe, Knafs reserves the right to dispose of the product.

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