Knafs Lander 1 with tuxedo scales - custom laser engraving on both the handle scale and blade

Looking to customize a pocket knife for your team? Corporate gifting, eh? Groomsmen gifts? Bridesmaids gifts? Real talk: we’re convinced every bridesmaid’s gift should be a Lander pocket knife. Anyway, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s chat about knife laser engraving and customization options:

Small Run

1-9 Units – Blade Laser Engraving Only

  • Please use our customizer here. We’ll get your batch of customized knives all set up and sent out in a jiffy.
  • Words only. No logos. No Papyrus font. Ew. ;)
  • $8 per unit for customization. 
  • Lead time: 3-5 business days

Bulk Run

10+ Units – Blade and/or Handle Laser Engraving

  • Please submit the form below to connect with our laser engraving team. We’ll work with you directly to make the perfect customized knife. This will include a quote, proof, and approval. 
  • We can engrave words or logos. Logos must be a vector. (.svg, .ai, .eps file types)
  • We can custom laser engrave the blade, handle, or both.
  • Typical cost for customization depending on the type of customization, quantity, and request. Fill out form at bottom for a custom bulk quote.
         -Blade engraving $5-10 per side
         -Handle engraving $10-15 per side 
  • One-time setup fee: $25
  • Lead time: Plan on 2 business days for coordination and another 3-5 business days for completion, depending on the order size and request.
  • We sometimes post our customized products for marketing purposes. If you would like your products to be excluded from this please let us know in your order. 

We offer bulk discounts in these tiers:

  • 10-20 Units 
  • 21-50 Units
  • 51+ Units

Knafs laser engraving video on a black bladed Lander 1 pocket knife


Can you laser engrave my logo on a knife?

Yes! We need your logo in a vector format (.svg, .ai, .eps file type) to work on our laser. We can’t engrave a .jpg or .png.  You must engrave 10+ units for logo engraving.

How long do Bulk Orders take?

It depends on what you want. For blade laser engraving, plan on 4-5 business days plus shipping. For more customization, plan on 7+ business days. Please contact us if you need it faster.

Do Bulk Orders include a discount on the knives?

Yes! We offer pricing tier discounts on the products for Bulk Orders. Fill out the form below to get hooked up.

What knives can you laser engrave?

Right now, we only laser engrave the Lander 1. Someday, we’ll add more to the mix. But not yet.



Knafs Lander 1 knives with laser engraving on both the blade and handles
Knafs Lander 1's with laser engraving on the blade, handle scale, and both. Scale has been backfilled with resin.
Knafs Lander 1 knife scales - off knife - showcasing multiple colors of G10 with laser engraving and fill
Collection of Lander 1 G10 scales with laser engraving on handle scale. Backfilled with black or white resin.