Everything You Need To Know About Knives

Once upon a time, we made a Knife Poster that had almost everything we know about pocket knives on it. It seemed only right to throw that information out there as a beginner's guide to understanding knives. Pick a topic and binge, amigo. This will be fun. 

Choose a topic

Pocket Knife Anatomy

Learn about all the different parts of a pocket knife and how they fit together.

pocket knife maintenance basics

Learn the basics of proper pocket knife maintenance.

every knife blade shape explained

Learn about all the different blade shapes you might see on pocket knives, and their intended uses.

pocket knife handle materials

Learn about common knife handle materials like titanium and micarta.

how to open a pocket knife

Learn how to open any knife you might come across, from front-flipper to thumb stud.

traditional knife patterns

Learn all about the different traditional slip-joint knife patterns your grandpa used to carry. These gave birth to many of the modern knife designs we know and love today.

how to close a pocket knife

Learn how to close any pocket knife with ease!

the history of Knives

A brief historical timeline from the invention of the very first knife to whats going on in the knife world today!

different types of blade grinds

Learn about the differences in blade grinds, and what they are used for.

Removing stripped hardware

Learn how to remove stripped or broken hardware.