The shape of your pocket knife blade is critical to its function. Each shape has a fascinating history, and each was developed to cut in a different way. If you're new to the pocket knife game, try a variety of different shapes. You'll likely find a preference that suits you, and if you're anything like us, you'll quickly come to find out that drop points truly are the best blade shape. *Tiptoes quietly out of the room while a riot ensues.*




How to fix off center blade in pocket knife?

How to fix pocket knife off-center blade? Easy Fix:

Tighten the pivot to straighten the blade.
No worky? Try this:
1. Loosen and pinch pivot
2. Loosen frame screws
3. Apply frame pressure to move blade into center
4. Tighten frame screws, then tighten pivot

Centering in a blade speaks about quality control, aesthetic, and of course, it prevents the blade from rubbing in the liners of the knife. In knives that are inexpensive this can be a fairly common issue, but if you are paying for what should be a high quality piece, you shouldn't encounter an off-center blade often. 



How to remove rust from a knife

A sampling of rust removal methods:
• Scrub w/brillo pad
• White vinegar
• Stab in a potato

Even better:
Prevent rust by keeping a light coat of oil on the blade. 

Rust is a natural reaction that all steels can have. Don't be fooled, stainless steel can rust too... they just stain less. All steels and of course stainless steels will have chromium (Cr) added to it in order to help with the corrosion resistance, but no blade is corrosion free.



pocket knife lock stick maintenance

If a liner lock or frame lock is sticking in the open position:

1. Sharpen a pencil with your knife
2. Scribble graphite onto the blade tang
3. Open + close knife
4. Celebrate, bruh!


Lock stick can be pretty annoying to have in your pocket knife. It can ruin the whole experience of enjoying what you are carrying. If your knife feels sticky when you try to close it (or it's even hard to close), just use this method and you will be in good shape for a while. 



pocket knife lube maintenance

Blow out lint from the pivot with compressed air, then put a couple drops of knife oil on and around the pivot to keep it smooth.

It is important to remember that you don't always need to take your knife apart. Depending in the company you are dealing with, you might even void your warranty. Just keep it simple for as long as you can.  





pocket knife thread locker maintenance

Use a drop of blue thread locker on screws to prevent them from sneakily escaping. Avoid red thread locker, as it was invented in knife hell (just kidding, but red thread locker will shut the knife for good). 

Using thread locker is a great way to prevent side to side blade play.




pocket knife screws maintenance

Check and tighten screws occasionally

  • T6: Common as frame
  • T8: Used on pivots and pocket clips
  • T10: Often used on pivots
  • HEX: Sometimes used instead of torx

Just check your screws once in a while to make sure your pocket knife is safe to carry. A torx screw kit should pretty much have you covered on this one. Netflix and chill could be Netflix and tighten screws.

Note: Some knives feature proprietary screws. #lame


pocket knife blade play maintenance

Unwanted side to side and forward to back motion or “play” of the blade.
Fix Options:
• Tighten pivot
• Fiddle with lock
• Accept it
• Throw knife in lake
• Buy new knife

Most of the time "blade play" means that your pivot is getting loose. This is an important safety issue that you must check on regularly. A pocket knife with blade play is not a safe knife.  



pocket knife bent pocket clip maintenance

1. Curse quietly
2. Remove
3. Clamp clip
4. Bend gently
5. Re-attach
6. Carry on

No vice? Pro tip:
Flip clip and screw on upside down. Fix using the handle as a fulcrum.

Pocket clips are handy, but they can get caught in car seats, furniture, backpacks, and just about anything, causing them to bend. If this happens to you, it's ok! Use the steps mentioned above to fix it, but you can also see if warranty will cover a new clip.