Burrito Grande - Knife Storage Roll

By Knafs

The Burrito Grande is the bigger brother to the Knafs Tool Burrito. Designed to wrap your beloved knife collection in a warm protective waxed canvas tortilla. The Burrito Grande Knife Storage Roll can comfortably hold 17 knives in the main pockets. But that's not all, amigos. This bad boy can even holster 8 pens or edc screwdrivers plus 4 other tools inside the nylon webbing at the bottom. This EDC knife and tool roll not only is a great knife storage option, it also doubles as a knife maintenance mat. It also features magnetic corners to keep your knife screws from vanishing into thin air. The Burrito Grande is everything a knife collector could ever want. But I know what you're thinking... no, it doesn't come with extra guac. Sorry 'bout that.

Did we mention its customizable? Yeah, we provided a very large Velcro top flap to garnish with any hook-and-loop patch you could every dream of. Whether that's an avocado, or a Space Kitty, you can customize this wall-hanger to your individual taste. The Burrito Grande includes a carry handle for easy portability; and aluminum latches to lock up your collection when you're on the go. When closed, you can easily store your beautifully organized knife collection in a drawer or tool box for safe keeping.

To the Moon, Amigos!


  • Charcoal color with slate accents 
  • Fits up to 17 small, medium, and Big Banter sized knives.
  • Velcro top panel for patch collection
  • Corner magnets keep screws from escaping during tear-down, and they keep the Tool Burrito sealed
  • Corner grommets for hanging your collection. 
  • Cotton waxed canvas and double stitched webbing edges for maximum durability 
  • Internal form has a rigid backing so it hangs nicely, and it keeps the knives safe when carrying. 
  • Elastic tool seatbelts hold pens or Torx tools like a champ. Small and large elastics add versatility.
  • Top carry handle and latches for easy storage and portability
  • Use as a drawer organizer, or decorative wall hanger
  • Sizing: 
    • Closed: 13.25x6.5" (34x16 cm)
    • Opened: 13.25x29.5" (34x75 cm)
  • Designed in Utah, USA
  • Made in Binh Duong, Vietnam
  • Does not fit Cold Steel Espada or your grandpa's big'ol fixed blade.