Ben Petersen

What iiiiissss up guys!!?? Meet Ben Petersen, a dynamic entrepreneur and skilled knife designer. His journey in the world of knives started back in 2011, during his college years when he took on a part-time role at Blade HQ. This experience not only provided him with a source of income, but also served as the foundation for his profound knowledge of knives. Handling numerous pieces from various brands, Ben honed his preferences, refining his taste in everything from blade length to clip type, and even establishing his signature color, "Ben Blue." All of those qualities are resembled in his first knife design, "The Banter," manufactured by WE Knife. In 2018, Ben and his wife Athena co-founded Knafs; A small business born out to be a side-hustle that has pleasantly surprised them with unexpected growth.

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From the amazon Jungle

Ben Petersen is someone who loves to create new memories through adventures. In this occasion, he brings great knife tips from the Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

The First Fixed Blade

Learn the story of the Lulu. Ben Petersen's first design made in the USA, and the first fixed blade among his collection.

Knife Storage Options

Ben also designed a couple of different storage options for pocket knives. From a small set up to a full collection display knife roll. Take a look!