Marketing Specialist - Pocket Knives

Job Description

$23 Hourly. Part-time 25/hr a week. On-site in Clearfield, UT.

The Company

Knafs is a goofy little company that makes interesting pocket knife schtuff. We're family owned and operated, and we’re launching this wild rocket to glory. We’re a small operation, and everyone does a little bit of everything. There's a healthy dose of "let's figure this thing out together" in our business that requires problem solving and cerebral engagement. We sell our products on, Amazon, and to 30 dealers across the world. 

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The Job

Knafs needs a writer. An entertainer. An educator who loves teaching our customers about pocket knives. The ideal candidate gets tingly toes from writing engaging content, thinking about email flows, organizing product pages, and is always refining their craft through feedback and collaboration. Email and Web is where you will live. If your party trick is predicting click through rates, we want to hear from you.

The job is on-site, not hybrid or remote.


Essential Skills

  • Kind: must know how to make peoples’ day on the internet and in person. This might be a hearty handshake in the shop, an encouraging word to the team, or a quick DM on socials to a stoked follower.
  • Efficient: must understand how to build audiences, and generate buzz without paid ads. Organic marketing is our lifeblood, and dang it, we’re not half-bad at it.
  • Dependable: 90% of success is just showing up. But the other 10% is making magic happen every day. Consistent marketing wizardry required. 
  • Goofy: Look. I don’t know how to tell you what qualifies a job candidate with the skill of “goofy.” But one time I wrote a poem about a knife screw and posted it on a product detail page. And I’m currently writing a job description in the first person. We march to the beat of a drummer that meandered away from the band years ago and is now using their drum as an inner tube to float deep into uncharted waters. Yeehaw!
  • Humble: we’re a small operation. We all do our jobs… and maybe a little bit of somebody else's too.  

Additional Skills:

  • Knives: Must know pocket knives or be committed to becoming a fast expert.
  • Email Marketing: Writing, assembly, proofing and sending of our weekly email. We take our email list seriously here at Knafs and you will be creating the content for this crucial part of our business.
  • Copywriting: You should know how to write short and long form content clearly, with a healthy dose of education, expertise and a pinch of goofy. Accuracy is important. Typos are a no no. 
  • E-commerce experience: SEO, webpage and content management, image stack creation.
  • Analytics: understand how to make, measure, and decide via data.
  • Relationships: Establish and maintain relationships with external partners, such as advertising agencies, writers, and industry influencers and affiliates: know their names, birthdays, favorite knife handle materials, and preference for Texas or Carolina BBQ.

“Nice to haves” but not necessary:

  • Creative: Create video, photo, design, and other assets to be used across all Knafs channels and partnerships.
  • Social Media: content creation, witty banter, and community bonfire building on IG, YT, FB, and Reddit
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere editing and design.


Degree in communications, marketing, or advertising preferred. We’ll even take washed up broadcast and film majors with the right skillz. Degrees from the school of hard knocks are also perfectly acceptable. 

2+ years of experience required


This is an on-site position in Clearfield, Utah. Neil Armstrong didn’t walk on the Moon remotely. Boots on the ground means physically present to handle knives, ship to influencers, talk shop, glean insights, and make it happen.

Are we asking for a lot here for a specialist position? Yes. Yes, we are. Do you have to have all the skills and qualifications to apply? Nope. If you’ve got a few solid skills and you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach. 

Additional Information:

Notes on the Company:

We run on a healthy handful of core values: 

  • Kind - We make their day
  • Efficient - Intelligent, proactive action
  • Dependable - We do it right
  • Humble - Willing to listen, learn, and teach
  • Goofy - Make it fun


  • Employee discounts on everything we make.
  • Education: we believe in teaching and learning. Sure, we need a job done. But we love to help our people understand the end-to-end process and how they fit into what we’re doing here.  
  • Growth: Knafs is on a wild growth pattern right now. We’re seeing cool things happen, and we need people who are willing to grow with us. We can’t promise you the moon, but that’s where we’re headed. 

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