Job Description

$19 hourly rate, 5-15 hours a week. Part-time contractor position. On-site weekdays.

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The Company

Knafs is a goofy little company that makes interesting pocket knife schtuff. We're family-owned and operated, and we’re launching this wild rocket to glory. We’re a small operation, and everyone does a little bit of everything. There's a healthy dose of "let's figure this thing out together" in our business that requires problem-solving and cerebral engagement. We sell our products on, Amazon, and to 30 dealers across the world. 

The Job

We need a product photographer to take packshots (the ones with the white backgrounds) of all of the sweet new things that come through the door here at Knafs. We sell some pretty cool stuff and it all deserves to look its best. That’s where you come in. If you are all about cameras, lighting, and making textures pop, you are in the right place.  


Essential Skills:

  • Cameras: You know how they work. And I’m not just talking about your camera. You should be a wizard with exposure, focus, menus, lenses, tripods, etc
  • Lighting: You know the basics and how to light a product so that it looks its best. No weird shadows or washed-out textures. We use a variety of light modifiers here and you should have an understanding of how they work.
  • Selects: You should know how to pick out the best photo from the set that you just shot. Which one has the best exposure, focus, contrast, etc 
  • File Management: You know how to label things correctly and put them in the right folders for our editors.  
  • Attention to detail: We are putting our best foot forward and our products should look the part. Is it clean and free from blemishes?
  • Organization: We have a lot of products. They must be organized in the right spot so we don't lose anything.      

Additional Skills: 

  • Knives: You will be handling a lot of them. If that is not something you think you can do. This job is probably not for you.
  • Able to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Able to climb a set of steep stairs. Our studio is in the loft.


Non required but if you have a degree in photography, film, graphic design, or a creative field that is a plus.


This is an on-site contracted position in Clearfield, UT.  All the full-time staff at Knafs work on weekdays 9-5 which means we are flexible with the working hours of this position as long as it falls into these hours. If you are a good fit let’s talk about what hours work best for both of us.     

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