Lander 1 Pocket Knife Rebuild Kit - Black

By Knafs

You know how when you start a new project, and you're headed to Home Depot and you think, "I wonder how many times I'll be here before I'm finished?" The answer is nine. At least. I bring this up because sometimes when you take your Lander apart, you don't just need a new clip screw. You need a frame screw, barrel spacer, AND you lost a bearing. This kit is the full deal. If you want to replace nearly every piece of hardware on you Lander knife, get this kit. Includes:

  • P0050 Scale Screw - Qty. 4
  • P0051 Clip Screw - Qty. 4
  • P0052 Pivot - Qty. 1
  • P0053 Pivot Screw - Qty. 1
  • P0054 Pocket Clip - Qty. 1
  • P0055 Thumb Stud - Qty. 1
  • P0056 Frame Screw - Qty. 4
  • P0057 Clip insert - Qty. 1
  • P0058 Stop pin - Qty. 1
  • P0059 Ceramic Bearing - Qty. 2
  • P0060 Barrel Spacer - Qty. 2

Does not include new scales, liners, blade, or detent ball. Liners, blade, and detent ball aren't available for purchase.