Lander 1 Knife Scales - Flat G10

By Knafs


Change your scales. Change your life. Or something inspiring like that. The Lander knife has Fast Swap scales that you can change without disassembling the whole knife. Swap them with Natural G10 or Rit Dye those suckers. Or swap them with White G10 and get a clear picture of how filthy your hands really are. Seriously though, we should be selling the White ones with that shoe cleaner that all the cool kids use to keep their kicks pearly white. Or choose black to match the color of your heart. We tease! Dremel 'em (wear a mask and ventilation, amigos! G10 dust will wreck your lungs). Carve 'em. Dye 'em. Or just enjoy swapping them. The options are endless. Tools you'll need:

Includes front and back scales. Get your Lander Knife here.