Lander 1 - Clip Insert - Black

By Knafs

Ahhhh. The Clip Insert. That lowly piece of stainless steel that keeps the reversible clip recession filled. Thank you, little Clip Insert. You've done so much more than just satisfy our OCD; you've warmed our hearts. Ha! Real talk the Clip Insert is a totally aesthetically driven part that adds more hardware to the Lander. But the people wanted it! So we did it. And you know what? I actually kind of like. It feels really clean. But you're here reading this product description, which makes me think you've probably lost your Clip Insert. Condolences. It probably feels like getting your appendix removed: not a necessary organ, but you could have done without the surgery. We'll do our best to ship the new one out to you as quickly as possible-- the Clip Insert, not the appendix, eh? 

Also, if you're replacing a Clip Screw, you probably should add a drop of Blue Threadlocker to the screw threads when reassembling your knife. This will prevent your screws from sneakily escaping into the abyss that is your desk. We know. We too have a pile of probably-important papers strewn across our desks.