Lander 1 - Clip Screw - Black

By Knafs

The Lowly Clip Screw (a poem):

A screw so small may not be important.
It's not large, flashy or absorbent. 
But keep in mind it holds your clips.
Lose it and, your knife-- it slips.
A shaky clip can heartbreak make
If missing knives it doth create.
A big duty giv'n to such a screw
That's why we'll sell a spare to you. 
'Twill hold your clip in place, it's fact
Its handle flush for low impact.
But don't judge fast or think it plain.
The clip screw's skillz are nay insane. 


Did I really just write a poem for a 70 cent pocket knife screw? Why yes. Yes I did. I also went to the painstaking process of taking macro photos of said screw so you could know which one it is and even count the threads if you like. You're welcome.


We recommend adding a drop of Blue Threadlocker to the screw threads when reassembling your thumb studs. This will prevent the studs from sneakily escaping into the abyss. You'll also notice these screws may come with a little blue thread locker already on there. This is normal and good. Should you double up on threadlocker? Maybe? Probably not though. Over time, you'll probably want to add some more to it if it starts to escape.


You may also need a torx tool with Wiha bits to fix this one.
Include a schematic and video with this one.