Lander 1 - Pivot - Black

By Knafs

The Lander Pivot has a beautiful job: keep the knife together. Hold on to everything. Make sure it doesn't fall apart. It's like a mom keeping track of all the kids as they run to soccer practice, dance, and to play with that kid down the street. Somebody's got to hold down the fort. That's what the pivot does. It's graceful. Refined. It includes a little flat spot so it doesn't free spin in the pivot hole. It's got those qualities that say, "Yes, I'm driving a mini-van, but don't mess with me. I've got it together." Pivots are amazing things.

Keep in mind, this is the female side of the pivot. It doesn't have a torx head or anything else on it. It just slips into the middle of the knife, and it's held in place by the Pivot Screw.

You'll still need a torx tool for this job. Put some threadlocker on the male side too, eh?