Lander 1 Pocket Knife Rebuild Kit - Satin

By Knafs

Lander parts. But satin. That smooth, shiny finish that makes dreams come true. It's like that time you fixed your dad's old 1982 Honda 600R thumper motorcyle. You bought the carb rebuild kit, struggled like mad to get the carb out of the machine, disassembled it all in the garage, watched a lot of YouTube and slapped it all back together again. B-rap! B-rap! Brrrrap! I'm not sure rebuilding your Lander will be as satisfying as hearing that old bike rumble, but maybe. Here is a video on how to reassemble:  

This rebuild kit fits the Lander 1. If you want to replace nearly every piece of hardware on your Lander 1 pocket knife, get this kit. I can just see all that black hardware getting swapped out to new, shiny Satin. Kit includes:

  • P0050-1 Scale Screw - Qty. 4
  • P0051-1 Clip Screw - Qty. 4
  • P0052-1 Pivot - Qty. 1
  • P0053-1 Pivot Screw - Qty. 1
  • P0054-1 Pocket Clip - Qty. 1
  • P0055-1 Thumb Stud - Qty. 1
  • P0056-1 Frame Screw - Qty. 4
  • P0057-1 Clip insert - Qty. 1
  • P0058-1 Stop pin - Qty. 1
  • P0059-1 Ceramic Bearing - Qty. 2
  • P0060-1 Barrel Spacer - Qty. 2

Does not include new scales, liners, blade, or detent ball. Liners, blade, and detent ball aren't available for purchase.