Lander 1 - Thumb Stud - Black

By Knafs

The Lander Thumb Stud. It's a simple little mechanism that has the big job of opening your knife! And your knafs. Now, we're not going to lie: we literally have no idea why you'd need another one, but we're hard core capitalists at heart, and we'll sell you one for $1.36. We'll take that one right to the bank, amigos! Let us know your address, and we'll send you a gold-leaf postcard from our yacht in the Caribbean-- we're going big time, $1.36 a pop! Honestly, though: we'll probably lose money on these thumb studs by the time we pack them, but if you're reading this we're curious about what life choices caused you to need another thumb stud. We won't judge you, but we want to know. Did you loan it to a friend? Lose it in a bet? Did it escape in the carpet while you were disassembling every. single. part. of your knife? Our curiosity is our curse.

Anyway, the Lander Thumb Stud is a T6 head, and the part number is P0055. The disassembly is likely going to require two T6 bits and drivers-- one for the front and back of the thumb stud. Try this torx tool with Wiha bits. It's our favorite. 

We recommend adding a drop of Blue Threadlocker to the screw threads when reassembling your thumb studs. This will prevent the studs from sneakily escaping into the abyss.