Unlocked Composites - Lander 1 Backspacer - Carbon Fiber


The carbon fiber wizardry that Travis of Unlocked Composites continues to produce for the Lander is unmatched! What may look like a simple chunk of carbon fiber scrap is actually an innovative new "Snap-in" backspacer for our Lander knife. Here's what Travis has to say about it himself: 

"This concept is finally out of my head and in my hand. 
It started as a hair-brained idea to keep with Ben's Mission for the Lander. I wanted to make back spacers for this knife but one of the main points of the Lander is that you don't have to take it all down and apart to customize it. So 4 iterations later and plenty of testing. We baked in a compliant mechanism that benefits from carbon fiber rigidity and flexibility to make this piece snap in place securely and without hassle." 

Is this the first "snap-in" "fast-swap" backspacer in the world? Perhaps.... All we know is, this thing is going to make your Lander feel like an aerodynamic, spacecraft built for high-speed flights to space and back. 

Well done Travis