Tool Burrito - Knife Maintenance Roll Pouch

By Knafs

The Tool Burrito: snuggly, warm, safe. Wrap your knives and maintenance tools in a portable, protected bed.

I spent 10 years keeping all of my knife maintenance tools in a zip top, plastic bag. Functional, sure. Ugly, decidedly. Additionally, I have a habit of disassembling knives on my lap while sitting on the couch. The scale screws and pivots typically nestle somewhere in my shirt before launching themselves to freedom in the carpet. The Tool Burrito solves both problems: it's a rugged, well designed pouch for your tools, yet it also functions as a mobile workspace that magnets your screws in place until you re-assemble your knives. It's a tear-down mat that doesn't commandeer your counter space. -Ben


  • Cotton waxed canvas and double stitched webbing edges for maximum durability
  • Corner magnets keep screws from escaping during tear-down, and they keep the Tool Burrito sealed
  • Elastic tool spots hold Torx tools and lube like a champ. Small and large elastics add versatility.
  • Two internal pockets
  • Zipper pocket for stowing accessories and spare parts
  • Cordage closure expands and contracts easily for different loads
  • Sizing: 
    • Closed: 8x4" (20x10 cm)
    • Opened: 17x10.5" (43x27 cm)
  • Charcoal color with slate accents
    • Storing knives? Fits up to 4 small and medium knives. Fits 2 large knives. Does not fit Cold Steel Espada, but let's be honest: if you're stowing an Espada in a "Tool Burrito" you're not a true warrior anyway. ;)  
    • Designed in Utah, USA
    • Made in Binh Duong, Vietnam