Knafs x Chroma Scales - Mars Lander - Limited Edition

By Knafs

On to Mars, Amigos! But make it limited. Drops 6/30/23 at 9 a.m. Mountain Time. 

Announcing our latest Knafs x Chroma Scales collab: we’ve made 100 sets of limited edition Mars Landers. Each set is a different part of Mars— the actual topography from scans taken via NASA's orbiting satellites. It’s like owning a piece of Mars in your pocket! Each is individually serialized with a countdown timer. The lanyard bead is a replica of the Curiosity Rover. Fun fact: Randall West of Chroma Scales designed the scales and bead AND he "did a very tiny amount of work as an intern" on the Curiosity Rover during his time at the Jet Propulsion Lab. Our combined nerdiness on this project is an oddly powerful tool. 

Includes several Easter eggs for good measure.  

  • Only 100 pieces made. Serialized from -01:40 to -00:01-- a countdown timer to blast off.
  • Includes limited edition Mars Curiosity Rover tracks on the pocket clip. 
  • Includes Lander knife with unique scales and Mars Rover bead.
  • 3D printed in full color -- the scales are a type of tough polymer
  • Made in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington by the ever-talented Randall West of Chroma Scales.
  • Compatible with the Lander EDC Knife