Job Description

The company:

Knafs is a goofy little company that makes interesting pocket knife schtuff. We're family owned and operated, and we’re running this crazy train to glory. There's a healthy dose of "let's figure this thing out together" in our business that requires problem-solving and cerebral engagement. We sell our products on, Amazon, and to 40+ dealers across the world. 

The job:

Our Operations Specialists at Knafs are the boots-on-the-ground, get ‘er done people. We have hundreds of tasks that need doing, and this person is our executor to make it happen. This could be anything from shipping a thousand orders to counting a thousand new products. 


This is an on-site position, 40 hours per week Monday - Friday (Not hybrid or remote)

We need someone who is particular and loves precision and speed. Speedy precision? Yes, that’s the one. We have a lot to do, but we also need it done right. Job specifics:

  • Shipping: Pick, pack, and ship customer orders with precision, speed, and a dash of healthy humor. Sometimes we write goofy notes on customer orders. Beautiful handwriting is a plus. 
  • Assembly: prepare products for sale. Slap on barcodes, kitting, stamp leather, stuff poly bags-- we do it all.
  • Quality control: check our pocket knives to make sure they pass inspection; a critical eye for detail is wicked important. You’ll handle thousands and thousands of knives, so safety is a must. If you don’t love sharp and pointies, this job probably isn’t for you.
  • Cycle Count: We hard-count items regularly to check and maintain inventory.
  • Laser Engraving: Manage a 50 Watt laser to customize pocket knives. Spelling and accuracy are a big deal. Also, it’s a laser, so safety is a must.
  • Retail: work in a small retail store including, merchandising, sales, customer service, and inventory.
  • Sharpening: run our knife sharpening operation with safety, precision, and a keen eye for hair-popping sharpness. We’re willing to train if you’re willing to learn.

The Pay:

$20-22/hour depending on experience 


Essential Skillz:

  • Focus: there will be hours and days of repetitive work. And there will also be days when you’re doing something new every 30 minutes. Both require a mind that is keen and attentive.
  • Counting: we need solid math skillz. Nothing too crazy, but we do a TON of hard-counting products, and few things are worse than inventory errors.
  • Computers: we manage and ship our orders via Shopify. You need some computer savvy.
  • Self-management: we don’t do that hovering management stuff. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We expect our people to use their time wisely to make magic happen.
  • Problem-Solving: most of our messes don’t come with an instruction manual. You must be able to look critically at the mess and decide if you use a paper towel, mop, or plumber to clean it up. We haven’t had to call a plumber yet, but there is no shame in asking for help.
  • Education: high school diploma required. Secondary schooling is great. College degrees are solid. Degrees from the school of hard knocks are also perfectly acceptable. 

Nice-to-have skillz:

  • Interest in pocket knives and the mechanics of the tool
  • Warehouse Experience
  • Shopify Experience
  • Solid Spotify playlists
  • Tasty food truck recommendations

Additional Information

Notes on the Company:

We run on a healthy handful of core values: 

Kind - We love to make people's day

Smart - Intelligent, independent action

Dependable - We do it right

Humble + Hands-on - We get 'er done

Scrappy + Simple - Solutions from elbow grease and basic tools

Goofy - Make it fun

We don’t offer health or 401K benefits… yet. It’s on our list of goals as a business, but we’re not quite there yet.


  • 9 Paid holidays
  • 12 days of accrued PTO yearly
  • Employee discounts on everything we make.
  • Education: we believe in teaching and learning. Sure, we need a job done. But we love to help our people understand the end-to-end process and how they fit into what we’re doing here.  
  • Growth: Knafs is on a wild growth pattern right now. We’re seeing cool things happen, and we need people who are willing to grow with us. We can’t promise you the moon, but that’s where we’re headed.