Teaching Kids Knife Skills

Kids need to learn about knives, because it empowers them with valuable skills while instilling respect and responsibility. Knives aren't just for cooking, they're tools for everyday tasks. By fostering a positive relationship with knives from a young age, we equip kids with essential life skills and ensure they can navigate the kitchen and beyond safely and confidently.

Many of us used a Victorinox like this one growing up, and many of us earned a couple of accidents out of not knowing how to properly use a knife.

Let's imagine (for some of us) that your home has a pool... Would you tell your kids to always stay away from it, or would you rather teach them how to swim? Knives are the same concept. It is hard to find a home without any knives in it, so teaching your kids how and when to use them, is more responsible than hoping they never grab one.

How Knafs Can Help

We have released a wood knife kit for niños. Easy to essemble, and great to get your little ones started.


At what age do I give my kid a knife?

We won't give you an exact age, but just wanting one is not enough. Your kid needs to know and follow basic rules, such as not cutting towards yourself, always keeping the knife clean, never treat as a toy, etc.

How can I teach my kids knife skills?

There are many activities you can do with your kids to teach them the basic knife skills they are going to need to know to be safe. Those include cooking together, whittling, sharpening, breaking down boxes, and more.

What type of knife is best to get started?

Assuming your kid is ready to receive their first real knife, folders or fixed blades are fine options.

If you decide to go with a folder, make sure the detent is strong (to prevent the knife from accidentally opening), but operational. Constantly check the knife to make sure the blade is centered, and that nothing is lose.

If you decide to go with a fixed blade, make sure it has a good and reliable sheath, and a full tang.

In any case, remember that a sharp knife is much safer than a dull one.