Blue Stick Knife Thread Locker - Loctite

By Loctite

If you've ever watched a Nick Shabazz video, you'll quickly notice the guy loves this stuff. And rightfully so. The Blue Loctite Stick takes the mess out of thread-locking your screws. Seriously, try the liquid, then try this. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find you don't need a truckload of paper towels to clean up the mess. This Blue Loctite stick is like those glue sticks you used to glue your fingers together in elementary school. It works great and keeps the mess down. Even your 3rd grade teacher would approve.

We recommend maintaining your knife screws with blue thread locker (medium strength, eh?) to keep your pivots, clip screws, pivot screws, scale screws, and frame screws from gently unscrewing and escaping into the unknown.