Lander 1 Knife Scales - Pink Haze Gradient


We were naming these varieties of Chroma Scale, and we realized they all sort of sound like weed strains: Blue Dragon, Lava Icy Blue, Heatmap, Moon Landing, Pink Haze. They're not weed, but you still might get a natural, legal-in-most-states high from owning them. These Pink Haze ones are a gradient from pink to purple to blue. They have a light texture that feels perfect and doesn't shred your pocket.  


  • 3D printed in full color -- the scales are type of tough polymer.
  • Includes matching lanyard bead
  • Made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington by the ever-talented Randall West of Chroma Scales.
  • Compatible with the Lander 1 EDC knife
  • Scales only. Knife not included.