Docking Station Sharpening Bundle

$29.99 $35.98
By Knafs

Save with this bundle! Includes sharpening stone and honing strop for a discount!

A sharp knife is a safe knife! Strop and sharpen for high-speed, low-drag cuts. Well, that's good advice for when you're cozy inside your garage. But what about when you're out there, ya know, actually adventuring?

Keep your edge sharp while out camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, or wherever else your wandering heart takes you. This is a combo sharpening guide we created and 3d printed in house. The result? An easy way to get the exact 20 degree angle your knife edge needs. Flip this over for the second strop step in our sharpening solution. (Try saying that ten times fast).

This docking station is a combo sharpening tool that guides you to the correct angle and placement of the blade while sharpening. It's lightweight. It has the perfect angle finder. It holds a Knafs Diamond Sharpening Stone and a Knafs Leather Honing Strop. The angle finder connects to the diamond stone to guide you toward the exact sharpness your knife needs. Flip the docking station over for the second step. Remove imperfections and get that ideal finish with the leather honing strop secured on the back with this easy, effective way to strop.

The docking station only fits Knafs sharpening stone and leather strop.