Jupiter - Space Kitty Baby Banter Scales

By Knafs

This product is retired and we have no plans to make it again. However, if we make a similar product in the future and you'd like to be notified, feel free to sign up by clicking the "Notify Me When Available" button above.


The Jupiter Kitty Baby Banter: Kitty, Cowboy, Lasso, Space. It's all there.

Not compatible with Micarta Baby Banter.

Designed by the wicked talented Premo, the Jupiter Kitty Baby Banter scales have touches of Space X, splatters of kitty cowboy culture, and the ridiculousness you've come to know and love from the Space Kitty series. Premo asked me: why space kitties? I told him: they're the apex of fun. I mean, a knife with a kitty on it? Yes. A knife with a space kitty going to Jupiter on it? Yesssssss. Printed on G10 scales.

Limited Edition: 321 sets made.

As a side note: this will be Space Kitty's last mission on the Banter series. We've had a really good time with it. We did the moon, Mars, and now Jupiter. However, with more Banter models coming out, it's become increasingly hard to make these aftermarket scales work on every model. So, we're retiring this rocket. Space Kitty will have more missions, no doubt. But on the Banter series, it's gone the way of the Saturn V-- big, beautiful, but now relegated to the sacred annals of history. 

Here are the other details:

  • These Mars Space Kitty scales fit Baby Banter knives in G10.
  • They're the scales ONLY. No knife included.
  • You will void your manufacturer warranty by using these scales. WE's warranty explicitly states, "Disassembly or modification of the knife will void the warranty." In using these scales, you will both disassemble and modify your knife. Neither WE nor Knafs will be responsible if you ruin your knife. It's like that math test you may or may not have studied for back in high school-- you are solely responsible for the grade. If this type of responsibility is scary, these scales probably aren't for you. 
  • Precision made in Yangjiang, China by an incredibly talented group of knifemakers.
  • Printed in Nashville, TN by an equally talented group of laser wizards.

For easy disassembly and assembly of your WE Banter (or any of your other knafs) check out our iFixit Torx tool kit with Wiha bits. We searched high and low for the best driver and bits and feel like we found the perfect combo with this kit.