Knafs - Patch Pack - 4 Patches

By Knafs

Knafs Space Kitty landing party has touched down! This 4 piece set of PVC patches will pair perfectly with your brand new Burrito Grande! Just slap them onto the hook and loop top flap of your Burrito, or the roof of your truck (Remember smiles-per-gallon matters amigos) or anywhere else you might keep your patch collection. 

Patch Pack Includes:

  • Space Kitty PVC Patch
  • Lunar Lander PVC Patch
  • WIUG "What iiiiiiis up guys?!!" Logo Patch
  • Knafs Black Logo Patch

If you look at the Lunar Lander patch, you'll notice the blade to handle ratio isn't accurate in this patch depiction. It's art, not science. Don't expect your Lander to arrive with a blade that overshoots the handle by a full inch. Although cool, we decided it might not be the coolest when you stick your hand in your pocket. Enjoy! 

Made in Guangdong, China.