Knafs x Barnescraft Lander 1 Scales - Anso Black Canvas Micarta


We did it! We finally did it! We teamed up with Barnescraft EDC to produce some seriously high quality Black Canvas Micarta Lander Scales. Woooohooooo! These scales are amazing, they're soft, supple, an yet extremely grippy at the same time thanks to the intricate texturing. Holden (the Owner of Barnescraft EDC) knocked these out of the park. Here at Knafs we love working with small businesses and designers like us from all over the place. Holden is somewhat new to the aftermarket knife scales scene, but definitely no sleeper. He started out making scales for Swiss Army Knives at home with nothing but a cheap Amazon CNC machine, grit, and some Mechanical Engineering know-how. He learned how to reverse engineer SAK scales using sketches on paper and a scanner. Eventually after some time and many Etsy sales later he upgraded to a bigger, better, and smarter machine that could crank these Lander Scales out at a record pace. We're happy to team up with Holden to gift the EDC knife world with some high quality USA made micarta Lander scales. 

"What had started as just a hobby to buy more knives has quickly turned into a future of possibilities."

-Holden, Owner of Barnescraft EDC


  • Made in the USA
  • Machined in small batches by Holden of Barnescraft EDC-- an up-and-coming knife industry artisan.

Each set of micarta may vary a bit. This is normal. If yours don't match the picture exactly, that's a feature, not a bug.