Blue Knife Thread Locker - Vibra-tite


Blue Loctite is great. But darn it. It's name-brand expensive. Enter the Vibra-tite! It's the Great Value brand of thread locker, and heck, it works great. It's a blue thread locker that costs less than a couple bucks. That's winning, amigos. Winning indeed! 

Use this blue threadlocker on all your knife screws: pivots, frame screws, scale screws, clip screws, thumb stud screws, etc. This will help prevent your screws from sneakily escaping and making their way to freedom in your couch or carpet. Real talk: have you ever tried to find a knife screw in carpet? Forget about it! Put Blue Thread Locker on your screws. You'll never regret it. 

These bad boys are .06 FL OZ (1.8 mL) and have a resealable lid.