Lander 1 Knife Scales - Frag OD Green


Fire in the hole, amigos! These scales look like a grenade. They're not an actual grenade, but they are the Can we write stuff like that in our product descriptions? Betcher' boots we can. Explosive copywriting, only at Knafs. I tease. We should totally hire a copywriter for this stuff, but today you get me. Real talk these are cool scales. The frag pattern is grippy, but not overly aggressive. The fit on the Lander is excellent. Also: they kind of look like the back of alligator. Should we call this pattern Gator Frag? I like it. 


  • 3D printed in full color -- the scales are type of tough polymer.
  • Includes matching lanyard bead
  • Made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Designed Vancouver, Washington by the ever-talented Randall West of Chroma Scales.
  • Compatible with the Lander 1 EDC knife
  • Scales only. Knife not included.