Baby Banter Pocket Knife - Carbon Fiber - Damascus


Remember those Magic Eye books from the 90s? This is the Magic Eye of pocket knives. Hold it close to your nose. Cross your eyes, then slowly move it away. Behold! A magic picture of a unicorn chasing small rabbits in a field! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, no stress. The 90s were weird. And fun. And kind of complicated. Just like this Baby Banter in Damascus and Carbon Fiber. 

Smaller, lighter, with 100% more finger choil! The Civivi Baby Banter is the kid sister to the Original WE Banter with less chunk, more finesse, and that utilitarian vibe that the masses love.

The Baby Banter is a small pocket knife designed for everyday carry. The pivot mechanism runs on caged ceramic bearings for a silky smooth opening, and the handle is a carbon fiber overlayed on a black G10 on this version. The blade is made from Damascus steel. 

Plus, Southpaws rejoice! The deep carry pocket clip has recessed screws, and it's two-way reversible for right or left-handed, tip-up carry. The thumb stud is titanium and ambidextrous. 

The goal of this design was to build a knife that is at home in any pocket. For instance, women's pockets are obscenely small. The Baby Banter fits. Or toss it in the coin pocket (5th pocket) of your jeans. It's the type of knife that doesn't scare coworkers-- no one will remotely mistake it for an aggressive tool. Plus, at a 2.4" blade it's below the legal limit for EDC in Chicago and Boston. (Check your local laws. This is not legal advice. We won't bail you out of the county jail.)


Blade Length: 2.4" (61 mm)
Overall Length: 5.5" (139.7 mm)
Closed Length: 3.1" (78.7 mm)

1.9 oz (56.48g)

Blade Steel: Damascus (58-60 HRC)
Blade Shape: Drop point
Blade Grind: Flat
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Pocket Clip: deep carry, right/left hand, tip up, stainless steel
Thumbstud: Titanium
Handle material: Twill Carbon Fiber Overlay On Black G10

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