Lander 1 Knife Scales - Copper Line Red G10

By Knafs

This Current Composites G10 is one-of-a-kind with a greyish/green base layer and a flowing vibe of red. But the cherry on top? That line of copper flitting about the scale. It’s chaotic and majestic all at once.  Add the small-shop manufacturing that Jeff Halopoff does in his garage, and you have yourself a thing of true beauty. Enjoy.


  • Material made in Connecticut, USA
  • Scales Made in California, USA
  • Machined in small batches by Jeff of Halopoff Designs-- a long-time behind-the-scenes maker in the knife industry.

Each one is unique with its own pattern. What you see in the picture will not be what your receive. Yours will be one-of-a-kind.