Knafs Flight Tag Ruler Keychain

By Knafs

Keychain? Sure. But more importantly, this flight tag has a sweet little ruler in inches and centimeters on it. Oh yeahhh!! Specs:

  • 3x1"
  • Ruler in inches and centimeters
  • Embroidered fabric
  • Includes split ring
  • Made in China

Note: when you're measuring, start from the edge of the border. Keep in mind, this is a fabric ruler, so we're not going to guarantee it's a premium tool to use for calibrating multimillion dollar parts for NASA. It's more useful for measuring things like knife blade lengths or the amount of patience you have left when telling your kids to stay in bed at night. For instance, holding up your fingers and saying, "I'm this close to freaking out" is not ideal. Use the ruler to illustrate to young children if you're 1 inch close to freaking out, or more like 7 centimeters. That kind of precision is impressive upon the young mind.

Why would you want one of these? We've found the flight tag to be a particularly useful tool for finding car keys in crowded pockets. When your keys are hanging out next to your multitool, flashlight, tritium fob, field notebook, and brass pen, the flight tag floats to the top of the pile for easy extraction. It's convenient for fast getaways, bold escapes-- that sort of thing.