Gary The Space Kitty - T-shirt

By Knafs


Meet Gary, he's the shorter, fatter brother of our main Space Kitty, Sfank, together they are our lost in space feline duo. Why are our mascots cats floating through space?  The same reason NASA is constantly launching rockets to Mars: because why not? Nobody else was doing it, we're opportunists over here, and we want to live in a universe where cats can take small EDC pocket knives to space. When were trying to go where no man has gone before, why not send a cat?

 Here's the deal: we're having these printed in Florida by Sunday Cool. Their shirts are soft like butter, and their waterbased inks just feel... right. As in, you can't feel the ink on the shirt. It's injected deep into the woven fibers of the very fabric itself! These shirts feel incredibly nice.

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Poly

Also, match your Space Kitty shirt with Space Kitty Knife scales. 

 Apparel dimensions 2021Artboard 38.png