Lander 1 Knife Scales - Sfank and Gary

$14.99 $29.99
By Knafs

Sfank and his trusty sidekick Gary, our beloved space kitty crew, are floating through the cosmos and have finally landed on, what else... the Lander! It's about time we introduced our first knife to these cute little fuzzballs. You've seen them before on various Knafs merch, but never before on a knife. On the front scale you'll notice Sfank floating into the abyss, chasing a knife that is always just out of reach (something we're sure all you grail-hunting knife enthusiasts can relate to). It goes without saying that you should always double-check your tether before attempting an adventurous spacewalk, and when you do, make sure that you've got your pocket knife with you. Because you never know when Zac In The Wild will exit hyperspace to randomly pocket-check you. 


  • Designed in Utah, USA
  • Made in Yangjiang, China by an incredibly talented group of knifemakers
  • Manufactured using UV-printed, layered G10 Material
  • Compatible with all Lander models