Lander 1 Knife Scales - Kirinite - Glows In The Dark

By Knafs

Kirinite "Starlight Max" is a versatile and durable acrylic material that looks like the most hazardous radioactive substance on earth. DISCLAIMER: Kirinite is not actually radioactive (unlike tritium) This is some next level stuff, if you want your knife scales to glow so bright that it potentially will blind everyone within line of sight at a movie theater this is the stuff for you! Kirinite doesn't just emit an ominous glow, it resists chipping, cracking and shrinking. making this material easy to work with, and a great option for knife handles. It’s created using a single batch process, so each piece is totally unique. It glows in the dark, and it looks like it's glowing even in broad daylight! Add the small-shop manufacturing that Jeff Halopoff does in his garage, and you have yourself a thing of true beauty. Enjoy.


  • Material made in Connecticut, USA
  • Scales Made in California, USA
  • Machined in small batches by Jeff of Halopoff Designs-- a long-time behind-the-scenes maker in the knife industry.