Lulu Fixed Blade Leather Sheath

By Knafs

I had this great debate: do we make the Lulu sheath in Kydex or leather? That sweet, sweet natural leather or the durability of Kydex? So many choices. The Lulu fixed blade sheath needed to be good in any situation. I ultimately decided on Kydex for the production model because of its versatility. The mounting and carry options are endless. But it's just not as... classy? Cool? Vintage delightful? We needed a leather sheath too. But not just any sheath. We needed one that rocked. Slapped. Made us smile.

So, I called on my friends at Lazy 3 Leather in Southern Utah. We needed an aftermarket leather sheath that matched the beauty of the knife. This knife sheath is made from .5 oz. Wicket and Craig English Bridle Brown, full grain leather. Say that five times fast as you smell this USA made goodness on your belt. Seriously though, we started with the best leather money can buy-- the good stuff. We went with a double stitch in 364 unwaxed thread for durability. We hit the edges with black stain and Tokonole finish for a polished look (Todd at Lazy 3 tells me that's the good stuff).

Did we mention the welt? The inside has a small strip of leather called a "welt" between the threads and the knife blade to avoid cutting the threads as the blade goes in and out of the sheath. We also wet formed the leather to the knife, so it fits nice and snug. 

We finished it off with an antique copper snap for a belt loop. I like the snap so you don't have to undo your belt every time you're taking it off. But it's also a brute of a snap that doesn't give up easily-- ain't nobody got time to lose a knife from a bad snap. 

We hope you like it. 

Knife not included. 

Care instructions: 

If the leather starts to dry out (or once a year-ish), hit it with some Smith's leather balm to keep it soft and supple.