Lunar Lander Knife Patch

By Knafs

Designed by the illustrious Stephen Griffin to commemorate the launch (or is it landing?) of the Knafs Lander pocket knife. 

Size is 2x2" (5x5 cm). Built from PVC with a hook and loop (Velcro) back to hook on your tactical bag, the roof of your truck, or on your cat's back. Rumor has it, cats love to rock patches like this.  

If you look at the Lander knife, you'll notice the blade to handle ratio isn't accurate in this patch depiction. It's art, not science. Don't expect your Lander to arrive with a blade that overshoots the handle by a full inch. Although cool, we decided it might not be the coolest when you stick your hand in your pocket. Enjoy! 

Designed in Oregon, USA.. Made in Guangdong, China.