Knafs - Official Sticker - 3" Diameter

By Knafs

This product is retired and we have no plans to make it again. However, if we make a similar product in the future and you'd like to be notified, feel free to sign up by clicking the "Notify Me When Available" button above.

This 3" diameter Knafs sticker is a premium beauty. It's silkscreened, which means it has a subtle shine to it and it's printed on ultra-durable vinyl. They're dishwasher safe so you can slap it on your Hydroflask, Yeti, or the free hospital mug you got when your child was born (because you're super classy like that). 

Challenge: buy a Knafs sticker, stick it somewhere, then show the sticker to three friends and ask them how to pronounce the word. If they get it right, buy them their own Knafs sticker.