Knafs Sticker Pack v2 - 6 Slaps

By Knafs

The Knafs sticker pack is 6 full color stickers printed in the USA. We've had waaaaay too much fun with this one. Knives, burritos, spacemen, and kitties. It's all there. The pack includes:
  1. Knafs Logo
  2. Lulu Sticker
  3. Gary the Space Kitty
  4. Astrodude
  5. Watcha' Carrying
  6. Little Loaded Burrito

I keep hearing the cool kids calling stickers "Slaps." I also hear them say that something cool "slaps." So, can I say these Slaps slap? Slapping Slaps? Sick Slaps that slap? Correct me if I'm wrong, eh? Now in my language: These stickers are rad. They're wicked cool. So solid. I'm stoked about them. Did we mention they're made in USA? Yep, they are.