Strop Compound - Green Ultra Fine

By Knafs

The Green Ultra Fine Strop Compound will help you get that hair popping sharp edge on your knives. Simply color on a coat of this sweet stuff on a strop, and fire away, amigo!

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from Chromium oxide, Aluminum oxide, and stearic acid. 
  • 1 oz. 
  • Manufactured by the good folks at Formax Mfg.

Our knife strops ship with a single peanut-sized bar of strop compound. This is just the bar. Just the peanut. 

How to Strop a Pocket Knife 

Apply a light coat of compound on a strop. Place blade on strop at same angle as knife edge. Pull blade backward in the opposite direction from sharpening or cutting. Use gentle pressure from heel to tip while drawing from one side, then the other. Alternate 7-10 passes on each side. Hair popping sharp is the goal.