Knafs Trucker Hat Snapback

By Knafs

"Hey! Make us a hat, they said." And so we did... a loooong time later. You see, here at Knafs we're particular about our headwear. We follow the Cheap Sucker Way that teaches your hat shouldn't cost a fortune. But it should also be comfortable and durable. So we started wearing different hats to try them out. After trying them all, we landed on this this Outdoor Cap 770 with a leather Knafs patch.

You see, it's not a Richardson, but it also doesn't cost the same as Richardson hat. So, when my brother shows up and raids the shop for a "free" hat, it hurts slightly less. Or if you're at the lake and your hat sinks to the bottom, the pain is real, but it's not a punch to the kidney.

This one is just a good 'ol trucker hat with mesh back and a snapback. It's not a fancy pants hat. Sweat in it. Never wash it. Love it as your own.